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Welcome to the site of the Michaël Van Waeyenberge Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.

To help leukemia patients and their family financially, psychologically and therapeutically, the Michaël Van Waeyenberge Fund organizes various activities to raise funds.

On this site you will find information about the fund.

Here you will find some information about Michaël. He is our son, our brother and our friend who died after a long and courageous battle against leukemia. This happened only two months before his eighteenth birthday. When Michaël was in the isolation room during his treatment in the University Hospital of Gasthuisberg for several weeks, he said: "Mom, leukemia should become a chronic disease and not life threatening one. We should do something about it." He took the initiative to realize this dream. When in the isolation room he organized a gala for the youth in the Casino of Ghent. He would donate the total proceeds of this ball to Professor Marc Boogaerts for research into leukemia. Unfortunately, fate kept hunting Michaël. Michael relapsed and the Gala was postponed. His network of friends, inspired by his appearance, are making sure that Michael's ultimate dream doesn't go to waste.

Here we present you the activities that we already organized with the committee and we are also mentioning our next events. In addition to all of this we also provide an overview of the projects supported.

Furthermore you will find a lot of additional information about the activities of the fund through these links.

Please feel free to take a look.

We would appreciate it if we could welcome you at one of our activities or if we could receive financial support from you.

If each of us does their bit, we can all together give support and hope to those who are severely affected by the fate of leukemia.


12/09/2024 | ROYAL ZOUTE GOLF CLUB Michael Van Waeyenberge Fonds CHARITY CUP

Please Save-the-date for the Royal Zoute Golf Club Michael Van Waeyenberge Fonds Charity Cup on Thursday 12 September 2024

There is a Knocke plan and a Zoute plan. For the golf players on Zoute plan please be 10 min beforehand in order to be able to start on time. Both courses are par 68. The "usual" championship and executive course are mixed into two "unique" courses called Knocke course and Zoute course.

plan  KNOCKE-plan.pdf 

plan  ZOUTE-plan.pdf - Please be min. 10 min in advance


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