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University Hospitals Leuven (Circus Il Floregio)

Care Coordinator Child hemato-oncology

Louvain, 10 December 2003

To the family,

Nineteen October is already a while behind us, but still our little patients regularly relive their favorite memories of that wonderful day in the circus, the meeting with the Royals. They still like to look at those pictures.

It was an "unforgettable" afternoon: heartwarming and far away from the hospital and all what is connected to this.

On behalf of all present children and their parents, but also on behalf of our entire team, we wish to thank you for this very nice initiative.

The beautiful picture on the brochure gives us the image of Michaël. The dedication, commitment, the driving force, but especially the love for Michael, which we experienced with so many people that day, really shows us who he was: "A very special boy, who even beyond death, keeps on motivating and moving people to realize his dream."

We wish you a lot of warmth, love and support in order to bear the loss of Michaël. But also a lot of strength, courage, energy and willing hands to keep on carrying out his dream.

Very sincerely,

Deputy Head of clinic