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Melissa, Giulia and Nathaniël Van Waeyenberge

Sweet Michaël,

I can still hear you voice,
those blue eyes,
those positive words,
and the strength to hope,... I cry,... I swallow...

Trusting in life,
no risk was too big for you,
the unfairness makes me scream,
but still... oh Michaël, I still see your smile...

What can I learn from this,
how can I go on tomorrow,
my sweet brother, my best friend,
my source of hope and energy,
I pray to see you again one day...

Thanks for your words,
your joy of living, your strength,
thanks for being there for us
for these 18 years,... every day over and over again.

Thanks you for fighting against
all the pain you've gone through...
to reach our challenge
"Together to the top".

... you pulled us forward,
you encouraged us,
comforted us with your words,
so strong, so beautiful, so intense, so everything...
so you.

Our source of joy,
... please little angel, stay with us!
So many plans, we together,
all our dreams...

I tell you "See you tomorrow",
my tears keep coming, but
sweet Michaël..., thanks for your
smile, and just like you said it, I'm saying it now: "It's okay"...
But I beg you to stay close to me,
keep a star for me aside,
I'm shaking, I'm, cold,...
... one more time I want to tell you
how much I really love you.

Melissa, Giulia and Nathaniël Van Waeyenberge, Lennik, 16th of February 2001