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P.J.M. Christiaens

Michaël, his parents, sisters and brother are supported by a global network going from Europe to Africa.

P.J.M. Christiaens, Headmaster of Zevenkerken, Congo, 14th of February 2001

Michaël is a boy to love, determined (a fighter), always caring about others, even till his last breath. If anyone deserved to overcome this disease, then it would have been him.
But the fight wasn't fair.
The example of courage, determination and resolute kindness he gave us confirms our hope for a better world.
His life but also his suffering have created so many links of solidarity and sympathy, that will always remain in spite of his passing.
Michaël continues to live in each one of us.
For this we are very grateful.

P.J.M. Christiaens, Headmaster Abdijschool of Zevenkerken, Congo, 19th of February 2001